Список Эллери Квина

Четыре лучших сборника рассказов, по мнению Э.Квина

Э.А. По
"Рассказы" (Tales)
M. D. Post
(Uncle Abner)
"Неведение патера Брауна" (The innocence of Father
А. К. Дойл
"Приключения Шерлока Холмса" (The adventures of Sherlock Holmes)

Четыре лучших детективных романа, по мнению Э.Квина

"Тайна желтой комнаты" (Le mystere de la chambre jaune)
"Лунный камень" (The moonstone)
"Этюд в багровых тонах" (A study in scarlet)
"Мальтийский сокол" или "Стеклянный ключ" (The Maltese falcon or The glass key)

125 наиболее значимых сборников рассказов о преступлениях, убийствах
и тайнах, по версии Эллери Квина (отсортировано по дате издания)

Э.А.По "Рассказы" (Tales)"Waters" Recollections of a detective police-officer"
У.Коллинз "The queen of hearts"
Ч.Дикенс "Hunted down"
" Anonyma" "Revelations of a lady detective"
T. B. Aldrich "Out of his head"
М.Твен "The celebrated jumping frog of Calaveras County"
Э.Габорио "Le petit vieux des Batignolles"
J. M'Govan "Brought to bay" "A New York Detective" "Detective sketches"
Р.Л.Стивенсон "New Arabian nights"
F. R. Stockton "The lady, or the tiger?"
E. Philpott "My adventure in the Flying Scotsman"
D. Donovan
"The man-hunter"
"Tайна большого лука" (The big Bow mystery)
"Приключения Шерлока Холмса" (The adventures of Sherlock Holmes)

L. T. Meade & C. Halifax
"Stories from the diary of a doctor"
A. Morrison
"Martin Hewitt, investigator"
M. P. Shiel
"Prince Zaleski"
M. D. Post
"The strange schemes of Randolph Mason"
G. R. Sims
"Dorcas Dene, detective"
M. M. Bodkin
"Paul Beck, the rule of thumb detective"
R. Ottolengui
"Final proof"
"The detective's pretty neighbor"
E. W. Hornung
"The amateur cracksman"
L. T. Meade & R. Eustace
"The brotherhood of the seven kings"
H. Cadett
"The adventures of a journalist"
R. H. Davis
"In the fog"
C. Ashdown
"The adventures of Romney Pringle"
B. Harte
"Condensed novels"
P. Pollard
"Lingo Dan"
B. F. Robinson
"The chronicles of Addington Peace"
A. Bennett
"The loot of cities"
R. Barr
"The triumphs of Eugene Valmont"
A. H. Lewis
"Confessions of a detective"
"Арсен Люпен, джентельмен-грабитель" (Arsene Lupin, gentleman-cambrioleur)
J. Futrelle
"The thinking machine"
G. R. Chester
"Get-rich-quick Wallingford"
"The gentle grafter"
Baroness Orczy
"The old man in the corner"
R. A. Freeman
"John Thorndyke's cases"
J. S. Fletcher (sleuthhound)
"The adventures of Archer Dawe"
B. Groller
"Detektiv Dagoberts Taten und Abenteuer"/"Detective Dagobert's deeds and adventures"
T. W. Hanshew
"The man of the forty faces"
W. MacHarg & E. Balmer
"The achievements of Luther Trant"
"Неведение патера Брауна" (The innocence of Father Brown)
S. H. Adams
"Average Jones"
A. B. Reeve
"The silent bullet"
G. Burgess
"The master of mysteries"
V. L. Whitechurch
"Thrilling stories of the railway"
R. A. Freeman
"The singing bone"
W. H. Hodgson
"Carnacki the ghost-finder"
A. K. Green
"Masterpieces of mystery"
H. Pritchard
"November Joe"
E. Bramah
"Max Carrados"
A. S. Hardy
"Diane and her friends"
T. Burke
"Limehouse nights"
"The four corners of this world"
M. D. Post
"Uncle Abner"
E. P. Butler
"Philo Gubb"
J. Russell
"The red mark"
W. Le Queux
"Mysteries of a great city"
S. Rohmer
"The dream-detective"
J. S. Clouston
"Carrington's cases"
V. Starrett
"The unique Hamlet"
A. Train
"Tutt and Mr. Tutt"
H. C. Bailey
"Call Mr. Fortune"
"Les huits coups de l'horloge"
O. R. Cohen
"Jim Hanvey, detective"
"Пуаро ведет следствие" (Poirot investigates)
E. Wallace
"The mind of Mr. J. G. Reeder"
L. Golding
"Luigi of Catanzaro"
A. Wynne
"Sinners go secretly"
S. Glaspell
"A jury of her peers"
"Lord Peter views the body"
Дж.Д.Х. Коул & М.Коул
"Superintendent Wilson's holiday"
W. S. Maugham
P. Wilde
"Rogues in clover"
T. S. Stribling
"Clues of the Caribbees"
H. J. O'Higgins
"Detective Duff unravels it"
F. I. Anderson
"Book of murder"
F. T. Jesse
"The Solange stories"
D. Runyon
"Guys and dolls"
"Les 13 coupables"/"The thirteen culprits"
L. Charteris
"The brighter buccaneer"
"Policeman's lot"
M. G. Eberhart
"The cases of Susan Dare"
I. S. Cobb
"Faith, hope and charity"
"Приключения Эллери Квина" (The adventures of Ellery Queen)
C. D. King
"The curious Mr. Tarrant"
"Mr. Campion and others"
E. C. Bentley
"Trant intervenes"
"The department of queer complaints"
W. MacHarg
"The affairs of O'Malley"
H. B. Domecq
"Seis problemas para Don Isidro Parodi"/"Six problems for Don Isidro Parodi"
"After-dinner story"
"The adventures of Sam Spade"
"Five murderers"
L. de la Torre
"Dr. Sam "Johnson, detector"
"Turbulent tales"
A. Helu
"La obligacion de asesinar"
S. Palmer
"The riddles of Hildegarde Withers"
R. Vickers
"The department of dead ends"
W. Faulkner
"Knight's gambit"
L. G. Blochman
"Diagnosis "homicide"
J. Collier
"Fancies and goodnights"
P. MacDonald
"Something to hide"
Lord Dunsany
"The little tales of Smethers"
E. Crispin
"Beware of the trains"
R. Dahl
"Someone like you"
M. Innes
"Appleby talking"
S. Ellin
"Mystery stories"
E. Hunter
"The jungle kids"
C. Armstrong
"The albatross"
C. Rice
"The name is Malone"
R. King
"Malice in wonderland"
"The short cases of inspector Maigret"
P. Quentin
"The ordeal of Mrs. Snow"
S. Palmer/C. Rice
"People vs. Withers & Malone"
H. McCloy
"Surprise, surprise!"
R. L. Fish
"The incredible Schlock Homes"
M. A. de Ford
"The theme is murder"
"Game without rules"
H. Kemelman
"The nine mile walk"